Restoration of a vintage Huvema HU16 Profi

  • Sanding and polishing the base
  • Sanding and polishing the vertical tube
  • Sanding and polishing the working table
  • Paint the whole thing with 2K composite paint
  • Make a curing oven for the 2K paint
  • Make a temperature arrangement for the curing oven at 60 degrees


Continuing development of an air quality sensor together with a matching backend. Visit us as


  • Reference cables with 10 mm ECOflex cable
  • Calibration set based on N-Type female
  • Extend knowledge to properly use it

Finding stuff with UHF RFID tags.

  • DONE: Order Lora modules plus daughterboars plus antenna connectors
    • TO_ORDER: Levelshifter 3.3V to 5V
  • Omni antenna design
  • Directional antenna design
    • Measure effectiveness with two Lora module and a 360-degree servo (180-degree with 1:2 ratio gear)
  • Antenna stand
  • PCB for the RFID reader plus antenna selector

Number And Name tag

  • With led lights RGB(W)
  • Plexiglass with number and names engraved


CNC conversion

Components found and used actively:

  • Setup CNC on an arduino
    • GCode sender
        • UGS platform for Windows (Windows version with bundled Java)
    • GRBL

The Idea is to convert a Stepcraft 840 CNC from NEMA17 to NEMA23

Stuff I need to order

  • 4xPraxis schakelaars 220v stopcontact
  • v ER11 2 mm collet (
  • v ER11 3 mm collet
  • v ER11 6 mm collet
    • a=125mm, d=15mm, l=800 (350×2) for the vertical mounts (42 Euro)
    • a=90mm, d=8.33mm, l=1600 (2×740) for side motor mounts (40 Euro)
    • a=80, d=12.8mm, l=150 for spindle mount (5 Euro)
  • v End mill
    • Single flute upcut for ALU (
    • Downcut for thin plastic plates
  • v 3d touch probe
  • Touch probe pin
  • Spindle motor
  • Workpiece clamping
    • Machinist vice
  • Opspanset voor werkstuk
  • Engraving point
  • Graveerpunt vario
  • Sleepmes voor foliesnijden
  • Snelspanner
  • Makita router collets
  • Depron scarificial foam which holds good with double sided tape
  • Waterbath option for milling carbonfibre

Things needed (v=found it):

  • v Brush for grease
  • v Grease for axis
  • v 4 NEMA23 motors
  • v Brackets for motors
  • v Drivers TB6600 ish
  • v Power supply 36 volt + Cable attached for power
  • Switch to power down motors
  • 5V supply for Arduino
  • Bolts for CNC
  • v T-Slot table
  • Arduino
  • >>>Measure device mounted on magnetic mount to measure displacement
  • v ER11 1/8″ 3.175mm (2 pieces in stock)
  • v ER11 1/4″ 6.35mm (1 piece in stock)
  • v ER11 8mm (1 piece in stock)
  • ER11 collets available from
    • 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 3.175 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 6.35 mm, 7 mm, 8
  • Tool sensor Z-axis
  • Spansleutel set
  • Zwenktaster
    • Find out which version I need, 0.01mm or 0.001mm, measure with the current “zwenktaster”
  • v Loctite 243

Actions to be done

  • Make holes to be able to tighten anti-backlash nut in side bracket
  • Mount the T-Slot table
  • Square up the whole setup
  • Shim the T_Slot table to have the X-Axis parallel
  • Mount the Y-Axis to give rigidity to the CNC
  • Flash Arduino
  • Connect power supply 36 V
  • Connect Motor drivers
  • Electrically connect Arduino to Motor drivers (X-Axis)
  • Drive both X-Axis to center ish position
  • Align the anti-backlash nut to be dead parallel to rail
  • Mount two X-Asix motors (plates)
  • Put grease on the X-Axis with a brush
  • Align both X-Asises by moving it and tightening the bolts in correct allignment
  • Find a better way to control CNC
  • Beagle bone black, connect and see if that works with LinuxCNC or UCCNC
  • Create spray booth (clean room)

Green screen for video conferencing

Beer table

  • Planar motor design
  • Buy Directional microphone (SEEED quad mic array?)
  • Investigate how to run in dutch language or tech it to listen phonetically to Majesteit.
  • Turn the label of the bottle towards the vector the person is speaking from.

New front door

  • Automatic lock controllable with AI
  • Ridiculous thick Insulation
  • Strips to prevent draught
  • Camera outside, screen inside
  • LED ring inside to show the lock state
  • Turning knob inside to open/close
  • Burglar-resistant glass, also preventing see-through

Jetson Nano/Xavier NX

  • Order one on the Innovation Budget

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